A Distant land

- creation 2016 - 3 dancers -


   A distant Land is a dance quatuor for three actresses and one puppet, inspired by the poems of the french writer Henri Michaux about the origin of creation.


   This choreography is a journey into the deepth of the soul, where the light barely enter.


We have here, she said, only one sun in the month,

and for only a little while.



Residencies : Taipei National University of the Arts (Taiwan)

Accueils Studio : 71 (Taipei)

Fundings : Taiwan Ministry of Education, French Institute of Kuala-Lumpur



Choreography : 福樂 Fu LE

Dancers : 董佳琳 Dong Jia-Lin, 李彥儀 Li Yen-Yi, 張閔淳 Chang Min-Chun / Hsu Yi-Chi

Puppet design : 明蓮花 Marina Burana

Light design : 蔡旻澔 Hsu Tzu-Han

Sound design : 呉青芳 Wu Ching-Fang

Production : 張梓鈞 Chang Tzu-Chun



20-22 January 2016 : Sunshier Theater (Taipei)

15-16 May 2016 : Guling Avant-Garde Theater (Taipei)

5 July 2016 : Sibu International Dance Festival (Malaysia)