This series is the product of a research initiated in Taipei, which is to revisit the practice of drawing through the sensory experience of the dancing body and aerial dance in particular.


It aims to replace the body movement at the center of the creative process. The body is not at the service of the drawing, but at the center of the drawing. The line ends when the body reaches its limit, likewise the drawing is completed when the pen is worn. The drawing is not an objective that body and material serve, but it is objective, it is the immediate print of a passage, it is at present. It does not project itself and does not return: it slides on the path that is offered.


SISMOGRAPH - OnSite ArtFest(Taipei, 2016)

Fabrica / Draw to Perform(Brighton, 2018)

ROUE - Na-Pei Gallery (Taipei, 2016)


Choreography & Interprétation : Fu le