Creation 2024 - 45 min.

4 performers



POINT JANUS follows the film ECCE shot in Reunion island in 2020.
The choreographic score is built on the principle of reverse, and other effects from video editing. It is an upside-down piece, an yraropmetnoc dance, which thus questions the notion of no return and the vain desire to go back to the past in order to change the course of time.

The play therefore begins at the end, with an irremediable act: a murder. Then the story in reverse will reveal the motivations of this act through the inverted relational game of the performers.








Supports : Département du Lot, Entre-Pont, Théâtre J-P Cerdà, Montpellier-Danse


Residencies : Entre-Pont, Théâtre J-P Cerdà, Agora - cité internationale de la danse - avec le soutien de la Fondation BNP Paribas


Accompagnement : Lot Arts Vivants



September 2022 : Entre-Pont - Nice

05 November 2022 : Theater J-P Cerdà - Perpignan

13 April 2023 : Agora - Montpellier Danse







Choreography : Fu Le

Performers : Maya Eymeri, Piero Dubosc, Julie Gerardi, Rafaël Cherkaski

Light design : Céline Balestra