Création 2021 - 60 min.

4 performers 


   Combining dance, circus and handling, the piece deals with the amorous desire in a sanitized world. It proposes an immersion of the bodies in a material derived from petroleum: the polystyrene.


   From games of balance and manipulation, the living is confronted with the polystyrene material from the infinitely small to the infinitely large. The piece invites a concrete dance, a ballet of actions that consists in resurrecting inert matter and recreating from scattered volumes a plastic world like a lost paradise.



Coproductions : 2 Angles (Normandie), Arsénic-Gindou (Lot), Ateliers Médicis (IDF)


Soutiens : SPEDIDAM


Subventions : Communauté de Cazals-Salviac (Lot)

Résidences : CCN de Roubaix (Nord), CND (IDF), 2 Angles (Normandie), La Fabrique des Possibles (Oise), Arsénic-Gindou (Lot), Cité des Arts (Réunion)



Chorepgraphy : Fu Le

With : Fu le, Maya Eymeri, Claire Chastaing.

Sound design live : Olivier Lasson

Light design : Céline Balestra


Photos © Frédéric Caray



04 Oct 2022 : Agora (MONTPELLIER)

15 Mar 2022 : La Fabrica (BRIGHTON)

02 Oct 2021 : L'Arsénic-Gindou (LOT)



15 Sept 2021 : Agora (MONTPELLIER)

03 Sept : La Fabrique des Possibles (NOAILLES)

24 Mars 2021 : Regard du Cygne (PARIS)

18 Sept 2020 : L'Open - 2Angles (FLERS)