Urban genesis

Phuong is released from prison and returns to her home province. She finds Khang, her childhood love, but no longer recognizes her village. The elders have left, the factories have closed, and Khang has to go to Saigon where he has found a new job.


In the past 5 years, all the brickyards in Dong Thap province have closed, and Saigon has been hihirised with countless skyscrapers. Urban Genesis questions the place left to love when time passes faster than the clouds.



1er price : BIDFF (Ro), LAMB (Pt), Wild Dogs (Ca), Fifth Wall (Ph), VideodanzaBA (Ar), Encuentro para Cinefagos (Ve)


Mentions : Moving Body (Bg), Manifest (In)



Production : Tetrapode

Supports : Villa Saigon - French Institute of Vietnam, Dancenter.



Director : Fu Le

Dancers : DP 1936, Khang Huu

Music : Tang Nhi