Vanity deals with the anguish that reappears due to actual terrorist events. It draws a labyrinth of missed appointments where the trajectory, though continuous remains elusive. The story is composed as a puzzle, of which the multiple clues reflect a feeling of suspicion that, mixed with confusion turns into a hysterical flight in the middle of the night.


 The film, played by Italian dancers lost in Virginia, forms a kind of intimate psycho-western. A woman sinks into a paranoia that seems to spring from the vacuity of the night and isolates her, confronted with her own image and the nature of death.


Experimental Film Virginia

New Dominion Pictures / NDP Holding



A film by Fu LE

Dancers: Wilma Puentes Linares / Lisa Mariani / Flavio Ferruzzi

from Balletto Teatro di Torino

Director of Photography: Kat Cameron 

Sound designer: Nicholas Lintner

Music: Woody Pak - Immersed, Hillel Perlman (piano), Sheila Sheppard (violin) 



RiuRau - prizewinner (Spain, 2018)

Consonance - best experimental (US, 2018)