After World War II, the general Chang Kai-Chek founded the actual Republic of China on the island of Taiwan, where he established a real cult of personality. But on February 28, 1947, the island was facing an anti-government uprising. The general replied by a violent repression, which took the lives of more than ten thousand citizens. The subject was officially taboo until the 90's, when democracy shed light on the history of Taiwan.


Since then, the image of Chang Kai-Chek has greatly weakened and each year, on February 28, people sprinkle with red paint the statues of his bust that still adorn each place and institution of the island. This annual incident testifies to the political and generational schizophrenia that Taiwan faces today.



Taipei National University of the Arts



FICE - first prize (Argentina, 2018)

BIDFF - honorary mention of the jury (Romania, 2017)

MITS - first prize (Spain, 2017)

Videobabel - first prize (Peru, 2017)

Facade Video - first prize (Bulgaria, 2017)



A Film by Fu LE

Production Assistant: Chang Tzu-Chun

Performer: Chung Chih-Wen

Composer: Harun Bayraktar