Rosace is part of the Anthropography series which revisits the practice of drawing according to a restrained action, using aerial dance techniques. It takes up the device of Mue (exhibition Vestiges - 2013), which consists in linking two bodies with a thread. One becoming the attachment point of the other, allowing him to establish a geometry in his movements.


Agora (Montpellier DANSE, 2022)

Fabrica (Brighton, 2022)

MPAA-Broussais (Paris, 2018)

Micadanses (Paris, 2018)

Bai-Sha-Wan (Taiwan, 2016)


Choreography : Fu Le

Performers : Fu le, Maya Eymeri

(remplacement : Eugenia Carnevalli, Rafaëlla Tempesta, Chung Zhi-Wen)